Monkey PsychoPunks is a limited collection of 9,999 NFTs, each with their own unique characteristics that live on the Solana Blockchain.


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October 5th

To be able to mint, Click on the bottom

Once the initial sale is sold out you can get your Monkey PsychoPunks in the secondary market, check the collection in the marketplace links.



Monkeys With Sol + Surprise Rewards

Airdropped after reveal

-50 NFTs

-25 Sol

-3 Surprise Rewards

(Value 57 Sol)

25% Minted

-50 NFTs

-25 Sol

-3 Surprise Rewards

(Value 57 Sol)

-Special Reward 50 Sol

50% Minted

-100 NFTs

-25 Sol

-3 Surprise Rewards

(Value 57 Sol)

-Special Reward 150 Sol

75% Minted

-100 NFTs

-25 Sol

-3 Surprise Rewards

(Value 57 Sol)

-Special Reward 250 Sol

100% Minted



-Creation of Official Website
-Creation of the Monkey PsychoPunks
-Creation of Twitter account


-Reveal Roadmap
-Got verified on marketplaces
-Server creation in Discord
-MPPS Token Creation 
-Creation of WHITELIST


-Official Mint: October 5th

-Special prize at launch! the 10 rarest monkeys will receive rewards in Solana Token and NFTs

-Integration with rarity measurement apps

-Launch of raffles! random rewards to monkey holders


-Royalty Distribution System

-First distribution of royalties among the  monkey holders

-More giveaways!

-Collab to create new collections


-Second distribution of royalties among the monkey holders

-First report of new projects

-We will have our first official merchandising launch in collaboration with a recognized brand, in the first quarter of 2023


-Building the Monkey PsychoPunks Metaverse

-3D art creation for metaverse

-First look at our Metaverse


Monkey Cryptopunks NFT

Freaky Master


Build websites. Put Monkeys on the blockchain. Architect of Monkey CryptoPunks
Game Developer/Engineering
Master coder.



Build websites.
Website Master.



9 years as Art Director & 3D generalist/animator. Instructor at Motion Design School. Award-winning NFT designer.



Run discord. Launch Twitter. Run the contests. Write the Lore. Draw the monkeys and post them online

Some of Artworks from our Artists


Do you want to know what traits your Monkey PsychoPunks has? Do you want to know what position in the ranking you are in? you can click below


-Each Monkey acts as a membership in the Monkey PsychoPunks community and gives you exclusive members-only access to Airdrops and the future metaverse of Monkey PsychoPunks City.
-Special reward at launch! l receive rewards in Solana Token and NFTs
-In addition, each quarter more than 25% of the royalties will be distributed among the holders of the monkeys
-Access to exclusive events.
-Owners of this collection will be whitelisted for the next project
-Get exclusive merchandising (coming soon)

You will be able to mint Monkeys starting October 5th at UTC+0.


You can buy a Monkey PsychoPunks by clicking Here

Warning! on the MINT DAPP Button Verify that the URL of the link is



The starting price of a Monkey PsychoPunk is 1.45 SOL.

Yes; Each Monkey PsychoPunk traded in the open market is subject to a 10% royalty, which is divided as follows:
-Royalties are used to cover recurring fees such as web hosting, domain registration and to support the ongoing project development. Portions of the royalties will be distributed among the monkey holders.


There will only ever be a total of 9,999 Monkey PsychoPunks.


Every day Monkey PsychoPunks will trade on MAGICEDEN, OPENSEA and SOLANART.


You can see the rarity of your Monkey on Here 


Monkey PsychoPunks are art generated by algorithms, this makes each item unique!


The Monkey PsychoPunks interact on the Solana blockchain.


PHANTOM is recommended. But you can also use other popular Solana wallets.
You can get PHANTOM HERE.


We are a team of professionals. Each of us has a great experience.

Our team has:
-Best art creator
-Solana Developers 
-Community manager
-Mobile application developer
-Marketing Manager


You can share your doubts in our community in DISCORD


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